How do I report a homeowner or auto claim ?

Your Policy has a claim # on the front page. Below are a list of phnoe numbers that must be contacted to report a claim.

Travelers: 1. 800.252.4633

Metropolitan:  1.800.854.6011

Progressive: 1.800.274.4499


Where do I send my payments ?

Please call our offices at 516.349.0909 for more information regarding this question.

Do I have coverage for a specific claim and what is my deductable ?

Each policy, varies based on certain factors.We urge you to call our offices to review this particular question. Details of your policy are usually on the 1st page of your policy document.


How can I reduce my auto and homeowner premiums.?

Raising the deductable, completing a Safe Driver Course, and installing an approved security system can help in reducing premiums.


For all questions regarding Commercial Insurance, please call our office.


How much Life Insurance should I carry ?

Most experts agree that you should own between 7 and 10 times your annual Salary or income. A periodic review of your life coverages, at least once a year is advisable.